December Daily ~ The 17th

The one that doesn’t feel very Christmassy.

DS missed his 3rd consecutive morning of Nursery (and the last day of term).  He’s extremely emotional and upset throughout the night this week and, as a result, both he and I are absolutely shattered.  It snowed at lunchtime.  We still don’t have a tree.  I still have one present to finish and three to wrap.  Going to Zumba at 6.30pm totally slipped my over-tired mind.

Just as well tomorrow is another day.
You know, I nearly binned this page and started again, but in the nick of time, I remembered what Ali had written about it being okay not to love each and every page of the December Daily album.  Day 17 is complete and when the album is finished, it’s not going to look out of place, with people able to pinpoint the 17th as a not very good day.  And if they do, they shouldn’t be so rude as to comment on it.

10 thoughts on “December Daily ~ The 17th

  1. If anyone dares to be so rude, just refer them to us! It's a lovely page, and you will love it as part of your album as a whole, even if you can't see it's individual beauty now 🙂

    I do hope you and your boy both feel much better soon xx


  2. There is nothing wrong with that page, in fact, if it accurately conveys your mood for that day it has to be an excellent page simply because it is so hard to do that.
    We are allowed to have days like that – mothers I mean. Days when all the love in the world cannot make your precious child feel better. Your page is fabulous and anyone who says different isn't worht listening to.


  3. Ruth, I just read through your entire December Daily so far and I think it is wonderful. You will surely treasure this forever! Thanks for a little glimpse of your life. I am also in Shimelle's JYC. Merry Christmas!


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