December Daily ~ The 9th

The day of the Nursery School’s Christmas Show.

The Nursery class were all singing snow flakes and the parents were invited to provide white tops with tinsel attached for their costumes.  Lucky parents!  So, left hand side shows DS as said singing snow flake and the note home requesting the costume.  The middle shot just shows a better perspective and the right hand side shows the back of the pocket, which holds two photos of the before and after the tinsel was attached (not very well, I might add.)  

8 thoughts on “December Daily ~ The 9th

  1. Love how you've put this together, Ruth! Was the show lovely? This week I've watched our school's Key Stage 1 Nativity play and the Pre-school Christmas play, and cried at both – even though my own children weren't in them!!


  2. We had our concert this afternoon – I am still deciding which photo to post,the pre-concert melt down or the happy joining in photo?
    It looks like DS made a lovely singing snowflake 🙂


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