December Daily ~ The 8th

Today was all about adventures with an almost-four-year-old.

DH left for an overseas business trip this morning, and in order to distract DS from daddy’s absence, I conjured up an afternoon adventure.  It was nothing too extravagant, but DS loved it … because it involved trains.  We walked across the Common to the tube station and caught the train to the end of the line, which just so happens to be the next stop.  DS even turned down the offer of a Babycino, which is unheard of, in his desire to return to the trains. The journaling is behind the main photo and the 2 smaller photos show a map of the tube line we were using and DS studying an information leaflet he picked up at the station.
That thing that looks like a target on DS’s coat is a children’s charity sticker; he was given it in exchange for 50p in the collection bucket.

6 thoughts on “December Daily ~ The 8th

  1. Lovely! I remember train trips with my DS when he was little. We stayed in Washington DC for a month, when he was 3 – last stop on the Metro line into the city. We could travel all day for $5 (he went free). It was a great way to entertain ourselves – esp. as it was February. Places to go, things to see…


  2. I have a big boy here who still thinks riding the trains in London is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I've now got a mad picture in my head of the two of them riding the trains together!


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