December Daily ~ The 3rd

Day 3 ~ Christmas Cards.
I’m not sure why I put myself through the torture of making Christmas cards. Actually, in truth, I do know the reason. It’s because our elderly relatives, DS’s grandparents, the aunts and uncles and DS’s Godparents love receiving a Christmas card which shows him with Santa.

And now that I’ve scanned it, I’ve noticed a few errors in the journaling.  Doh!  That’s what comes after a long and busy day.  Note to self: do not write journaling at 8.30pm. 
JYC today is all about cards, too.  You can see the card I made in 2008 here.

7 thoughts on “December Daily ~ The 3rd

  1. They are beautiful cards and I'm sure they are very much appreciated by the recipients! I've been lazy this year and sent ones I've decoupaged – nothing special for individual people like I usually do. Maybe next year 😉


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