Sian’s Christmas Club

The lovely Sian is running a Christmas Club over on her blog From High In The Sky, where she is sharing her memories and family stories from Christmases past.  Apparently, the Christmas Club was something Sian subjected her family to for the 4 weeks prior to big day itself: look on Sian’s blog under Christmas Club for the complete story.

As for me, I thought I’d re-share the story of our family’s Christmas tree fairy.

This beautiful lady, seen above, is our family’s Christmas Fairy, and I’ve been lucky enough to inherit the care of her from mum. She sits at the top of the tree, with a fairy light positioned just so, near the hem of her tutu. Our trees were never considered ‘done’ until she was in situ. I can’t remember a Christmas without her, so by my reckoning she must be knocking on the door of 40 years old. Mum bought her at an RAF Wives’ Club Christmas Fair in the early 1970s, and I believe she came with a ‘sister’ dressed like Santa (my Auntie may have her, but I’m not sure). In 2003 and 2008, when we decamped to Scotland for Christmas, she came with us and graced the top of my sister’s tree. Well, we could hardly leave her behind, could we?
This post also ties in with Rachel’s Christmas Past post.

5 thoughts on “Sian’s Christmas Club

  1. Oh, she is lovely Ruth! We always have an angel too, not a star. This is such a perfect Christmas Club story because it goes right back to your mum and then in a circle round to you again. I love it! Thank you.


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