Forgive Me While I Boast …

… but how gorgeous is my son?
DS came out of Nursery this morning clutching a proof sheet from a recent dress-up day, where the pupils themselves took the photos.  Here’s what we have: on the left ~ a self-portrait, apparently; in the middle ~ taken by another pupil, I think; on the right ~ taken by a member of staff.

My favourite?  The middle one.

10 thoughts on “Forgive Me While I Boast …

  1. Oh Ruth Sweetie…
    Happy Thanksgiving and I am so lovin these photos of DS.

    I agree, I love the middle one. He is a hat kind of boy. Love the expression. He appears to be saying, “And you want me to do what?” I love it.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving sweet friend. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry


  2. Oh yes – what a little darling he is .. now, we have to devise how to get TFYO and DS together – hmmmmm, in years to come of course! Plotting mothers that we are 😉


  3. The trio of photos together is adorable!!! He's such a cute little boy anyway, and having a mom who always has a camera in her hand makes him seem very relaxed while having his picture taken. :o)


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