MTAV: Pages Q And R

Q is for: Queue, Ability to, Quiet & Quotations.
R is for: Radio, Rainbows, Royal Mail & Ruth.


Living in London means that it can be difficult to find a quiet space. There is aircraft overhead all day, given our proximity to Heathrow, sirens can be heard as the Emergency Services regularly race up and down the North Circular, even the Tube trains can be heard if the wind is blowing in the right direction. After 5 years, these things I tend not to notice too much, they blend into the background as part of the every day. Where do I go if I want to experience total and complete silence? My beloved Scotland, of course. In the woods near Balmoral and in the woods near Fochabers, I have experienced the sound of silence. See also: Living in London & Scotland.


That would be me. In the forty-plus years I’ve had this name, I’ve only ever met a handful of other Ruths (including one who also had my surname; that was very weird) and I’ve had to put up with a lot of silly jokes about it as well. The definition of my name comes from the Hebrew for companion or friend; in English it translates as compassion. I can live with any of those. See also: J****, Mum & Sisters.

3 thoughts on “MTAV: Pages Q And R

  1. hello Ruth !
    just thought i'd check in on you as you precede me in the blog hop for let's eat 🙂
    fun to see the number of similarities we have! my mom's middle name is Ruth – lovely rich meaning to the name!
    then the sctlnd connxn – i've just rtnd from 3 mon in n sctlnd! have friends in forres, elgin & aberdeen and i was staying in inverness 🙂
    so i'll be looking fwd to your concoctions for the 23rd i guess for me to have it ontime for you 6 hrs ahead 🙂 EnJoy today …


  2. Really enjoying your MeTAV posts 🙂 I'm not sure I actually did 'Mel' for 'M', even though there's so much I could say about my name – must check….


  3. I liked reading about the origin of your name, Ruth. My great-grandmother's name was Ruth, and my mom's middle name is Ruth so it's a name I'm quite fond of.


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