~ The path less travelled ~
This is the path that DS and I will be using when I walk him to nursery school.  It’s also a good dog-walking route.  The Virginia Creeper is so over grown that it mostly hides the garden walls behind it, giving DS great joy when he discovers a “secret garden gate”.

6 thoughts on “276/365

  1. Ooh, exciting! The sort of path he can run along and hide just round the bend, to say “Boo”! The sort of place to explore and have secrets and adventures. A lovely way to go to nursery/school!
    We had a path a bit like this when I took DS to nursery. There was a garden with a high hedge (behind a wire fence) on one side, where we used to look at creatures under the hedge. One day there was a little toy on the ground (like the Alien toys from Toy Story). I wrote a story for DS about “The Alien in the Hedge”. It was fun walking along there every day.


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