~ The new specs ~
I was able to donate my old pair of specs to the charity Vision Aid Overseas, and by doing that I remembered a LO I’d seen in Creating Keepsakes magazine … I feel a scrap lift coming on.

7 thoughts on “273/365

  1. Good Morning Ruth Sweetie…
    What a beautiful share. I love the thought of donating my old specs. I had never thought of that. Thanks for the wonderful idea. I will be checking into that now myself. I know of at least 4 pair that could use a new home instead of taking up space in a drawer.

    I saw your DH had a birthday. I am sure it was wonderful, but please wish him a belated birthday for me.

    I see DS has graduated to a class 3days a week. (No Mum). Ruth sweetie he is growing up and he has a smile that lights the page when I open it each time he is there.

    Hope you have a beautiful day sweet friend. Stop by for a cup of tea. It is steaming already this morning.

    Many hugs and so much love, Sherry


  2. Your new glasses are lovely, I have been donating my old ones for several years now. They go to missionaries and after they get them I'm not sure what happens but suppose to help those in third world countries….:-)Hugs


  3. What a great idea, I had my eyes tested this week and am waiting for my new glasses. I'll ask them about donating the old ones.
    We now need to see a photo of you wearing the new ones ;o) and I'm looking forward to seeing the scraplift.


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