~ A new era begins ~
DS went off for his first unaccompanied session of Nursery this morning.  There are 3 short sessions this week and then full time (3 hours per morning) from next Monday.  I need not have worried that he wouldn’t settle ~ he loved it!  He actually ran in through the door and went straight to the colouring desk, without even stopping to take his coat off!  It was exactly the start I was hoping for, but I have to admit to a mummy moment.  I actually felt my heart squeeze as I looked at him happily waving me off. 
And tomorrow sees the end of a particular era.

8 thoughts on “271/365

  1. Wow, that's a big moment! I'm thinking about you both as you make those readjustments to a new routine (more genealogy? more crafting? what are your plans?)


  2. Oh my, I'm glad he was so happy to go in but I remember those heart squeezing moments only too well – I'm afraid your baby is growing up. To begin with you may well wonder what to do with your free time – but not for long 😉 xx


  3. Oh so sweet, Ruth. I'm so glad that he was excited to go, rather than clinging to your leg and begging you not to leave. Makes it so much easier that way! :o)


  4. It can be hard to watch them as they grow – you feel so proud, yet there is that little bit of you that doesn't want it, because they might not need you any more… My DS still does and yes, I still have those “heart squeezing” moments – and he turned 13 at the weekend!
    New nursery eh. He looks quite grown up in that lovely photo – and I see the smart new shoes too!


  5. Oh, gosh – I know exactly what you mean. I even felt my heart squeeze when my two started back at school this September, and they're now in Year 6 and Year 4! Big moment 🙂


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