The Passing Of An Unsung Hero


(Jim Townsend on left of photo, my CP friend Grandad P on right)
I learned this evening of the passing of a 95-year-old Chelsea Pensioner.  Jim Townsend was a modest, quiet and unassuming gentleman.  He had a twinkle in his eye and a ready smile.  Jim had been captured by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore in 1941 and sent up to the infamous Railway of Death ~ the railway between Burma and Siam (now Thailand).  He always claimed that he survived because he was ‘lucky’ enough not to contract Cholera and Malaria at the same time.  As a boy, Jim had wanted to go to Art School, but his father said that it was no place for a man and sent him out to work instead.  Jim didn’t paint again until he joined the Royal Hospital; my nephew is the lucky recipient of Jim’s painting of Elgin Cathedral.  Jim’s story was partially told in the episode ‘New Boys’ of the BBC’s series Once A Soldier.   
Jim Townsend: 1915 ~ 2010
It was an honour and a privilege to know him. 

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