~ Badly infected sinuses ~
So, here’s the thing … when your cold, which you caught from your DS and or DH, is still hanging around after 10 days, consider going to the doctor. Do not keep telling all and sundry that “it’s just a cold”. Do not dismiss the obvious signs of an infection up your nose, Nature gives out clues for a reason. It is not normal to have a nose constantly full of green yuck, to suffer frequent, but slight, nosebleeds and it is absolutely not normal for it to hurt like hell when you blow your nose.
And the biggest thing? It is not okay to wait 5 weeks before seeing that lovely GP of yours, only for him to tell you that there is indeed a raging infection up your nose and you will now need 4 (yep, FOUR) lots of meds to get rid of it. And that the UK’s leading High Street chemist will then charge you the grand total of £28.80 for providing those meds.
(On the plus side, this post will come in handy for the All About Me class, which began today over at BPS …)

12 thoughts on “259/365

  1. Hope the meds kick in soon. Just a thought – would you begrudge paying £28.50 to make your children feel better if they were ill? Thought not, so don't you deserve the same??


  2. You poor thing. Funny how us mums put up with things as long as possible in the hope they will get better on their own.
    Hope all those medications kick in and make you feel better soon x


  3. Oh you poor thing! You sound like me though…let it go long enough till it's at the point of being really bad instead of simply manageable! I hope you are feeling better really soon! xo Take care of youself.


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