~ Something of a result ~
You may recall that, back in the middle of July, I sent off to the States for information about specific applications for Social Security Numbers. The longed for reply arrived today.
I now know that my great uncle applied for his SS# in 1943, his wife applied in 1936, where they were living and who they were working for. More importantly, her application provided a maiden name and from there it was only a short step to the 1930 American Census.
Today I am loving the power of the Internet ~ thank you, Sir Tim Berners-Lee!

6 thoughts on “249/365

  1. I just love FH research. I have recently connected with a relative in Maryland. I have a cousin Roxanne! and a cousin Renaye, and they are descended from a Mayflower Pilgrim!! now isn't that just too kewl? I still haven't found a real black sheep amongst my ancestors but it is really good to be related through a marriage to someone who can trace their ancestry back to a specific point in history. I bask in the reflected glory! LOL


  2. It is amazing what can be done now, isn't it? And it hasn't been that long ago that the internet wasn't even thought of! Now we depend on it for almost every bit of information. It's awesome! And I'm glad you got the information you were looking for!


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