I Am A Driver

So what? I’m sure lots of you, most of you, can drive. It’s really fairly easy, once you know how. I’ve been able to drive since I was 18 (legal age to drive in the UK is 17) and spent my early 20s driving across European Autobahns, on the other side of the road. However, since I came to live in London 5 years ago, I have driven less and less, particularly since DS was born. There are 2 good reasons for not driving: a) it’s usually quicker to walk to where ever I am going, given the state of London traffic and b) London traffic scares the living daylights out of me.

But, this afternoon I realised that I was in need of a fair few groceries, more than I could easily carry. I normally have the majority of my groceries delivered, but that requires forward planning. So, as DS went for a nap, I said to DH, “I’m going to the supermarket. In. The. Car.” I can’t even remember the last time I drove the car in London, but off I tootled. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad … and I even enjoyed the food shopping part of the excursion!

8 thoughts on “I Am A Driver

  1. I would be lost without my car – I don't walk nearly as much as I should because I'm quite happy to jump in my car and go. Driving in London, however, would be a whole different ball game!!


  2. Oooh ~ how nice for you to have a little escape to the grocery store alone. :o) I wish I didn't have to drive everyday! It's just a normal part of life here in Arizona – and people tend to drive crazy here!


  3. When my kids were little I got completely out of the way of driving because I used to walk to the shops with the pushchair and put the stuff in the basket underneath on the way home, so I know exactly what you mean. I still miss that pushchair – much easier to walk for miles when you are pushing something!


  4. Everything is so spread out here that walking isn't much of an option. We can walk to the train station, the pool and some of the shops – it is a start.
    I didn't drive for six weeks after the kids were born – getting back into the car was a very strange sensation.


  5. Good for you! I really don't like to drive in London… even locally the traffic has got worse and some drivers are careless and agressive. I admit that I have put off trips to London, just because it would have involved driving there. I use the trains and buses in London; though I have driven to places on the outskirts (like Ikea at Wembly!!).
    I don't usually mind driving though, in fact I really quite like it. I didn't sit my test until I was 26, when I was so delighted to be mobile at last – that feeling still hasn't really worn off!


  6. I'm the odd one out here. I cannot drive. I started to learn at 17 with my older sister teaching me but never got as far as a test. I tried again at 30 but still didn't like it!
    Luckily there's a very good bus service where I live and I walk whenever I can.


  7. I've been driving since I was 16 & it's a necessity out here in the boonies but I hated it when we lived near Washington DC. All that traffic, all those rude drivers, all the inattentive drivers reading the newspaper (this was 1995 before texting) and putting on makeup. Now I am just out of practice because 3 cars waiting at a stop sign is considered heavy traffic here. I don't think I could cope with a major metropolitan area's traffic


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