Me: The Abridged Version

There is a class starting mid September on BPS called Me: The Abridged Version. It’s going to be an A~Z format and I suspect, and hope, that it will complement my work-in-progress Book of Me album. The class will be taught by Cathy Zielske and she’s recorded a welcome message … I originally thought that I would find it a little bit too American for my tastes (no offence meant to my American readers!), but she was warm, informative and funny. I really did feel as though she was talking directly to me.

She set some pre-class homework! Read “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and make an A~Z tag book (template provided by Cathy) for jotting of notes and ideas prior to start of the class.

Mine is, as of yet, still unwritten in.

17 thoughts on “Me: The Abridged Version

  1. Funny thing is, as I was clearing out a cabinet today I found an A-Z of brief words to describe myself – totally unrelated to this class but helpful none the less as I have done none of the pre class work … you are streets ahead of me for having printed the booklet! I have read the book though 🙂


  2. I just love Cathy's approach too. When I was doing “Design Your Life” she used to say something like “Go forth and design” and I felt like she was talking to me too.


  3. Cathy is great! I love her classes and her senses of humour. I've done both her Design Your Life classes and I did start Me:TAV last year but have signed up as an alumni this year in the hope of actually getting the project finished 🙂


  4. I love what you did with your little tag book! I hope you are enjoying reading the pre-class homework. I think it's a great concept and plan to do something similar with my project in September. I just started jotting down some things in my little tag book! See you in class! ;o)


  5. once you've tried her, you won't miss another CZ class, they are great for the videos alone, if nothing else! enjoy the class, I'm still undecided about taking it again… I haven't finished the first one!


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