~ The new Post Office ~

When I popped in to pick up the newspaper this morning, I took the opportunity to check out the new site of our Post Office, which opened to the public this week. Now, it’s all very smart and all, but there are only 5 counters, less than half of what we had in the old Post Office. That’s not what I call progress; can you imagine what it will be like in the run up to Christmas?

5 thoughts on “220/365

  1. The US Postal Service claims to already be bankrupt. I am ashamed of the way our government destroys this great nation daily with their frivilous ways, and none of them ever think of the common folk. Those of us who pay taxes and use the service of the postal system. It is the same here. They cut all the wrong corners.
    But your new post office is very lovely and I am glad I stopped by. It has been a long time.
    Have great week. Anne


  2. The same has happened here Ruth, progress…not so sure.
    Your post office is lovely and I think I would prepare early this year if using the post office for Christmas deliveries…:-)Hugs


  3. I sometimes think that the top management in the Post Office would prefer it if they never ever had to interact with the paying public. What they want it for us to pay them our money so the shareholders can get rich and “they” don't have to think of value for money. Customers are such a pain, always wanting services and stamps and parcels weighed. Why can't they just go away? Just wait until your Post Office catches up to ours (in Wales) We have a ticket system for waiting now. I knew it was a bad sign when they installed comfy sofas and fewer counters ~sigh~


  4. My local post office is a large closet off of a corner of our mini market. One small room with cubbies for mail, a counter, a desk and packages everywhere. Plus one very harried overworked employee. I always feel bad when I need something weighed because she always has so much stuff to do.


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