~ Family Bible ~

My mum unearthed this treasure and has passed it onto me. It’s a Bible from Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 and it originally belonged to my great grandmother Elizabeth (1881-1951). I imagine that she was given it at Sunday School during the Jubilee celebrations.

8 thoughts on “207/365

  1. Oh, wow! How amazing to have this 🙂 My Nan has a family Bible with details of one branch of her family going back several generations – invaluable for family research, and so interesting in its own right anyway!


  2. I am absolutely totally green with envy. My Dad would have loved a family bible with all the family details in it and I would too. As this won't happen I have bought a big King James version with pages for the family tree and I have begun filling it in. This will go to my eldest child with written instructions on keeping the rest of the family informed about additions to the tree. You are so lucky.


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