~ A nasty fall ~

Mum and I caught the Tube back from the airport this morning. Unfortunately, Mum missed her footing and fell into the Tube carriage quite heavily. While nothing appears to be seriously hurt, her foot is badly bruised and painful for her to walk on. It’s such a shame that our wee holiday ended like this for her.

9 thoughts on “204/365

  1. Oh Ruth Sweetie…
    I am so thrilled you both arrived home safely with just a little bit of trouble with Mum's foot. She will have to take it easy for awhile.

    Oh I was so tickled to see your photos. I couldn't agree more with you about the White House. It is not as large in person as it seems on TV. I loved my visit to Arlington Cemetary. Thank goodness for the buses to get you around. It is so large you would miss out on many things.

    I too visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the glass wall that had all the shoes in it, just took my breath away. When I walked in to the railroad car, I could hardly breathe. So much saddness. Yes I know how you felt when you walked through there. I walked those same halls.

    Well sweetie. So glad you are home. I am sure DS and DH were glad to have you back safe and sound. I saw in the one photo you had your precious sandals on. You look beautiful.

    Have a great weekend sweetie.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry


  2. A sad way to end the trip, I do hope she sees a doctor just to be sure all is okay. It could of been worse and happened at the beginning of your trip.
    Am wishing her well realy soon.
    …….:-) Hugs


  3. That must have been a bit of a shock for your Mum too, glad things weren't any worse. At least you're home and your Mum can put her foot up and rest for a while.


  4. So sorry about your mum's foot! Remember to put an ice-pack on it (Osteopath said no more than 10 mins every couple of hours – apparently it cools the area and slows the blood flow; then when you remove the ice, the blood flow is quickly increased, which speeds up the healing! But more than 10 mins can give you frostbite!)

    Great that you had a good holiday otherwise. I hope your happy memories are not spoilt by the problem at the end.


  5. Sad way to end a fun trip! I'm just glad it happened at the end so she was able to do all the walking you had to do. Hope she heals quickly!!! xo


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