~ My “book” ~

No, it’s not a novel. It’s a culmination of 5 years research and work about British and Commonwealth War Graves (plus a few Americans), all 104 pages ~ it’s not likely to ever reach the top of the Sunday Times Bestsellers List, or even feature in it anywhere at all. It’s at the proof reading stage now, and as BF is currently training to be a proof reader, she may be about to land her first commission. DH said recently, “Where’s your book? Stop faffing. Get. It. Done.” So I have.

11 thoughts on “192/365

  1. I know at least 2 copy editors who should probably see your manuscript before my pens go anywhere near it (but thank you for the mention!) … shall I ask their advice or just ask for business cards?

    PS My blog's been refreshed…please take a peek!


  2. Well done you! And good for DH – sometimes we need a friend or partner to issue a verbal kick in the pants!
    I hope you get the proofreading done soon and get on to the publishing stage. Good Luck!


  3. Bugger!! does that mean I'll be the only unpublished sibling? No likelyhood of that ever happening here so I'll just have to read yours.


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