~ Tickled by the clippers ~

7 thoughts on “180/365

  1. Sweet photo! Glad he gets on okay with haircuts – my DS used to yell the place down. I bought some clippers and learned to cut his hair myself – at least we could do it in our own time, apply bribes as appropriate and tuck him up in front of a nice warm tv programme to calm down afterwards!
    Luckily he's grown out of hair-cut panic and now tolerates it well. He even lets me cut the bit on his kneck without the comb on.


  2. lol! The Boy still giggles when the bits round his ears and the back of his neck are done…. (Although, he wants to try growing his hair at the moment and as it's nearly the end of term I said he could give it a go! Not sure it'll work, his hair is so thick!)


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