~ A fait accompli ~

Flyers began appearing in our only Post Office a few weeks ago informing the customers that the Post Office was considering relocating to a branch of a High Street chain of stationers. There would, the Post Office stated, be a consultation period and no immediate decision would be taken. Then, early last week, I noticed that the shop element of the branch (cards, envelopes, packaging, etc.) had literally disappeared overnight. And then, this morning, I see this in the window of the High Street stationers. So much for consultation.

6 thoughts on “174/365

  1. Mmm, not good. We used to have a couple of Post Offices within walking distance and now I have to get in the car to buy stamps. Really annoying!


  2. Hi Ruth ~ Just catching up over here on your blog. Being from the US, it's fun to see the different signage you have around where you live.

    Your “Armed Forces Day” must be a bit like our “Memorial Day” which is celebrated every year on the last Monday in May.


  3. the post office believe that things would be so much easier for the top brass if they didn't have to deal with customers. They seem to think that queueing for a stamp in a branch of WH Smith is what we want to do. They have closed most of the local sub post offices in our city so now everyone nas to go to the central post office and the queues are huge. To make this better (hahahahahaha) they have a number system but this means they have to have someone at the machine to call people's attention to it and get them to take a number. The staff are complaining because the queue is always long and….. I'll get off the high horse now


  4. Our Post office is now in our Thornton's now is that a problem owr what! love the Utube clip so funny and even spied Robin Williams as well priceless x


  5. I use to love seeing the mail man come every day to my door, now I have to get my mail from a group of mail boxes…..we only get mail here from Mon to Fri. nothing on the weekends, and no none of us were consulted……:-) Hugs


  6. I wonder who exactly they bothered consulting? We used to have a PO just round the corner, it's a cafe now; the next nearest then became a florist; there's one other that's within convenient reach and I'm just hoping the fact that it's so busy all the time means that it's here to stay…. xx


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