~ Patriotic crafting at Nursery ~

No doubt inspired by this. Not the best shot ever, I know, but he was so proud of his artwork and it wasn’t easy to get him to stand still!
It’s the flag of England (the red cross of St. George), in case you were unsure!

11 thoughts on “166/365

  1. What a great photo – definitely a “keeper”! He's so intent on that little flag he has made and you can see by the expression in his eyes, that it's something important.
    You don't need the whole face in the shot to capture an expression.. in this case “the eyes (definitely) have it”!


  2. I could tell too 🙂

    I love pre-school for all of the lovely crafting delights – that I don't have to do at home – beware when you have to rotate some to the recycle bin though, under the cloak of darkness ok?? 😉


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