~ Peculiar tree ‘fluff’, seen in the park this morning ~

5 thoughts on “163/365

  1. I read somewhere that there is a particular moth that creates this sort of stuff to protect it from birds. There are loads of these moths in a park in our city and the council told the local paper about them because people are trying to clear it from the trees because they think it is damaging them


  2. Oh my days I have that tree in my garden!! It has just finished shedding it's fluff, and I can tell you it's anightmare for about ten days! I kept making my husband mow the lawn just so it would pick up the fluff in the grass box! The neighbours complained and everything. It was a total mare when it was windy as it was like having a blizzard – very weird! ANyway, no idea what sort of tree it is so if you found out I would love to know.


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