I Blame Amy

Has anyone seen the latest post on Shimelle’s blog? When I read it last night, I thought, “Am I brave enough to email her?” I’ve been thrilled by the response to my take on the All About Me blog hop ~ would it be good enough for Shimelle? And then this morning, I found this from Amy in my email InBox: “My main reason for the email is …. you absolutely MUST read Shimelle’s post today – I suppose you may have already, but, your project for the blog hop on the weekend is one of the best minis I’ve ever seen and I was going to say at the time I hope you submit it somewhere – well, now’s your chance! If you want to of course 🙂 I’m not a submitter, for the most part nothing I do is original and Aussie mags are not my style. Anyway, food for thought, as they say.”So, you know what? I was brave and sent that email to Shimelle. Thank you, Amy.

7 thoughts on “I Blame Amy

  1. Great idea to give Shimelle a look! I loved that mini-book and stil want to get that cartridge because of the cute stick figure you used!


  2. Fantastic! I'm so glad you felt brave enough to email Shimelle – your mini book is just superb and I hope lots and lots of people get the chance to see it 🙂


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