~ Fireman Sam & Penny: The Boy Child’s current favourites ~

8 thoughts on “125/365

  1. Hehe..there'll come a time when you would love Fireman Sam to come back out of the cupboard again. We had Thomas the Tank Engine out for our toddler cousin at the weekend and a good time was had by all 🙂


  2. Hi Ruth ~ Finally getting caught up on reading my favorite blogs. Your “week in the life” pages are so awesome! And even though you might not think the toy firemen are inspiration, I believe they are. I love this photo and the colors in it. It would be great in a little minibook with other photos of DS's favorite toys. :o)


  3. Judging by the expression on their faces, so are Penny and Sam! My 2 play at “Fireman Same”, a car each acting as Jupiter and Venus and have to reach the fire in the Mountain Rescue Station, obviously upstairs, complete with audio effects but so far no visual ones!!


  4. But when you look back at this photo it'll bring back memories of this precious time – I think it's an inspired inclusion 🙂


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