From The Archives #3

I joined the Royal Air Force twenty five years ago today. Here I am, just a few weeks into Basic Training and still a teenager.

A quarter of a century gone, just like that …

8 thoughts on “From The Archives #3

  1. Only seems like yesterday that we were all at Lime Street station! (and big bro said that his baby sister had left home and gave me a hug.) That's one from the archives!!!!!!!!


  2. That moment of my own passed me by without comment…would have be 2 Jul 2008 but guess I was overwhelmed by DD's arrival and keeping DS going too 🙂 I'll have to celebrate in 2013 instead! Well done you!


  3. Something else interesting I didn't know about you! And we were thinking along the same lines..I was mulling over the idea of a post about “exam weather” because the rain at this time of year always takes me back to May 85 and my A levels.


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