Kisses On A Postcard

My sister sent me this book today as a JBP, isn’t that the best title? I’ve talked about JBPs before, but in case you don’t remember or haven’t been reading this blog long, I’ll explain. A JBP is a Just Because Present ~ something that you send to a friend or loved one just because. It needn’t be expensive, it needn’t be unusual. It’s a JBP just because you think the recipient will like it.
Here’s what the blurb on the back has to say: “When you get there”, Mum said, “you find out your new address and you write it on the card. Then you post it at once. Now, the code. Our secret code … You know how to write a kiss? Well, put one kiss if it’s horrible and I’ll come straight there and bring you back home. You put two kisses if it’s all right. And three kisses if it’s really nice. D’you see? Then I’ll know.”
I can’t wait to find out how many kisses they put.

7 thoughts on “Kisses On A Postcard

  1. Hi Ruth, what a sweet sister! I love to read and this book looks wonderful! I will have to look for it after I finish what I'm reading now. I haven't checked in on you lately, and wanted to say hi too! Hope you're having a great day and week! Suzie


  2. I love the idea of JBP, and I really enjoy the relationship you and Liz have…..sisters do have a special bond, so love my sisters.
    …….:-) Hugs


  3. We do un-birthday presents too! 🙂 And the occasional RAK – Random Act of Kindness – which I guess is the same kind of thing as a JBP.

    This book looks really interesting, Ruth. You must tell us a bit more about it when you're read it! xx


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