Week In The Life: Monday’s Pages

Thanks to an extremely detailed and informative post from Ali earlier, I have now tackled Monday’s pages for the Week In The Life project. I must admit to shamelessly copying Ali’s idea, but I’m sure she won’t mind!
The DLO on the green cardstock will become the main left and right pages for Monday. I’m using up Scenic Route’s Garden Grove range of papers and will be bereft when it is finally gone. The purple cardstock is cut slightly smaller than the green. The pages will be stuck back to back and then go inside a page protector, which in turn will sit in the middle of the green DLO.
There’s also some journaling to add. I’m using the same size as the purple cardstock for that, but am currently undecided whether to add it as another page in its own right, or to tuck it behind the 7×5 photo on the green DLO. I shall probably add more photos to it, as well.
You might like to know that I used the clock idea, the time I got up and the time I went to bed, during the 12 months I did Scrap Your Day and thought the idea had a place here. The AM clock is above the door in our family bathroom and the funky PM clock is new in DS’s playroom.

7 thoughts on “Week In The Life: Monday’s Pages

  1. That really was a monster post she did: it would take me all day to put something like that together.

    Your album looks fantastic Ruth. I love the clock idea..even the style of the clocks is something to record because they change over time too.


  2. It's looking great and I love the clock idea – we have about 20 of them! Nah, that's an exaggeration but there are plenty around and I think it's a fabulous idea 🙂


  3. Love, love, love your Layouts and design. The clocks are charming and you are very photogenic and beautiful! So is DS, so handsome. I love the picture of your fellas walking your dog also. Great use of other media too including the ticket stub and totally cracking up over the Blog computer picture.


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