Number Crunching

I bought wall decals for the new playroom a few weeks ago, but we had to allow a minimum of 3 weeks to pass before adhering them to newly painted walls. I’d been expecting them to be difficult to apply, so you can imagine my relief when I realised just how easy it was. This corner is between the lounge doors (left of photo) and the kitchen doors (out of shot on the right of the photo.)

I didn’t photograph the wall between the kitchen doors and the back door, because the numbers are more than a little wonky! Two lessons learnt: 1) don’t use your finger to rub them firmly onto the wall. Use the edge of a credit card, as suggested in the instructions, otherwise you get a blister on your finger and 2) don’t chat to your mum while positioning them on the wall. They will be wonky.

8 thoughts on “Number Crunching

  1. Oh I love them!!! I bet your little boy does too! I'm glad to hear they are easy to do – I ordered a tree decal from Stampin Up a month or so ago and was worried about how easy it was going to be to put up…..


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