7 thoughts on “111/365

  1. Hehe! you are the mistress of understatement. Or subtlety. Or..I hope you know what I mean! Great to see the planes back..we're hoping DS makes it to Strasbourg next week for a trip his German class won as a prize. Fingers are crossed!


  2. Our headlines on the news were that the first plane in to Heathrow this morning was a plane from Vancouver….oh the excitement lol 😉


  3. Yay, the planes are back again! We noticed them this morning as we were driving out to the garden centre. Let's hope it's not too long before the people stranded abroad make it home again (including my daughter's teacher!)


  4. I am happy for the people who were stuck and trying to get home….also happy that everyone is happy to be in the air again.
    ………LOL…..:-) Hugs


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