~ The Royal Mail: delivering later and later ~

7 thoughts on “104/365

  1. Is yours still delivered to your door though? They don't do that here any more very often and soon not at all! Here they have 'superboxes' in each community, and each house has a box within the 'superbox' with a key – you have to go and check your box each day and see if you have mail. It saves the mailman having to go door to door. And saves money I guess. I miss seeing the mail drop through the door though 😦 It isn't the same!! It IS a nice excuse for a walk though – to go and check the mailbox! We have to walk past a field of nasty llamas to get to ours though 😦 I'm always scared they are going to jump the fence and GET us 😉


  2. Ours normally gets to us around 3pm but our usual postman has been on holiday for a couple of weeks and at the moment it's arriving closer to lunch time. I remember the early morning post (and second post) when we first arrived in the UK.


  3. So…your mailman has a cart that he pushes? I've never seen anything like this before. When I first saw the picture I thought it was an ice cream cart! lol

    Like Jane mentioned above, we have a main box in our neighborhood that we walk to with a key for our section – no llamas to walk by though! [wink]

    It's interesting that the things that are so common to us in our every day life are things that others may not have ever seen.


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