Photographing Children

How many times have you spotted your child/children unconsciously providing the perfect ‘Kodak Moment’? My guess is that’s it a lot. Take DS, for example. There he was, after lunch, happily colouring with his crayons and announcing that it was “oh, so beautiful” (all that positive reinforcement is paying off!), but as soon as he saw me move into position and go to press the camera shutter, he stood up.However, defeated by a 3-year-old I will not be. Ten more minutes of perching on a tiny chair and I got my shot. Who’d be a professional photographer? And just think of all those silly faces and point blank refusals to come from DS in the next few years!

12 thoughts on “Photographing Children

  1. Good Morning Ruth Sweetie…
    Sitting perched on that little chair paid off. What beautiful shots you got of DS. I love them.

    Thank you for sharing with me today. I so love it when you do.

    I love that he has his little airplane perched close by as he feveriously colors.

    Love it Ruth. Country hugs, Sherry


  2. Make the most of getting the shots while he's little, it's a nightmare when they get older. I don't have many recent photos of my three because they go into hiding when they see the camera!


  3. The second photo is so cute, you will have a wonderful book of photos of DS in years to come and I think he will even appreciate seeing it…….:-) Hugs


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