~ India, the Guide Dog puppy we sponsor ~
For those of you with children who want a dog, this could be the answer. It costs just £5 a month to sponsor a Guide Dog, and the sponsorship runs for about 2 years. If you sponsor in the name of a child, then the child receives regular Pupdates and photos. You can find out more here.

7 thoughts on “81/365

  1. Hi Ruth ~ Just catching up after being gone for a few days. You have been a busy girl!

    I wanted to comment on this post as I think this is a FABULOUS idea (although it will probably not satisfy the desire of a young child who wants a puppy so bad [wink]). I have a friend who used to raise guide-dogs from puppy through graduation at 2 years old. It was always tough to say good-bye, but very rewarding knowing she had trained a dog to be a much needed companion for someone.

    Thanks for posting this info!


  2. I'm listening, I'm listening! What a cutie 🙂 This sounds like a fab idea, and The Girl has a birthday coming up – I shall have to investigate this, thank you x


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