~ Picasso ~
Edited to add: the stains are paint (acquired at nursery this morning), and the new DVD
is The Penguins of Madagascar.

7 thoughts on “76/365

  1. Ah yes, paint stains. The Girl came home from school on Monday wearing a multi-coloured shirt. She'd gone to school that morning in a white shirt. *sigh*…..


  2. I'm so glad we're over paint stains ;o), bet he enjoyed himself though.
    We watched “Up” last week, have you seen it? We really enjoyed it – might be a little bit old for DS though!


  3. I don't think my younger two own any clothes without stains like these – crafts and painting are their favourite activities!! I think it's a sign that children have had fun 🙂 Children should never be immaculate 🙂


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