From The Archives #2

I found this photo today, tucked away in the box of negatives. I had a good chuckle, I can tell you! So, there I am, in the foreground, with my sister behind. After chatting to her tonight, we reckon that it’s Boxing Day 1990, and we’d gone to her friend’s house for tea. But let me tell you about that jumper. I bought it in September 1987, when I was home on leave from the Falkland Islands, and I’d gone for a day’s shopping in Chester with my mum and auntie. The jumper came from Benetton and it cost £44; my auntie was appalled that I would spend so much on a jumper. But, you know what? I still have it. I keep meaning to remind her that I still have it. I think I’ve had my money’s worth, don’t you?
(My sister said that her jumper came from Next and “is long gone”. They both do have a certain Christmas-jumper look about them, now that I think about it!!)

9 thoughts on “From The Archives #2

  1. That's a fantastic blast from the past! I just knew the date from looking at the jumpers..I had a similar patterned one, from Clothkits I think. Great photo.


  2. I have a feeling a had a jumper not unlike those a long time ago ;O). Like Liz though, mine is long gone. Love older photos like this, lots of memories.


  3. Oh Ruth Sweetie…
    Good Morning and I so adore this photo of you and Liz. How precious and I have to say I love Lizs' hair all curly that way. Isn't it beautiful. I love your jumpers. How exciting that you still have yours. Now tell me in American Dollars what the cost would be?

    You both look so happy in this picture. Thank you for sharing.

    I love the picture of DS on the tellie so cute. What a precious little face he has. He could be a child model Ruth, just precious.

    Have a gorgeous day today. We are expecting an 82 degree day today. The reason I love it in the desert, is the Spring temps. Gorgeous. Such ashame to be working today. Country hugs and much love, Sherry


  4. Wow yes – reminds me of a sweater I had too – I remember my friends broethr telling me I looked like Bertie Bassett in mine…..sigh….


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