~ A bracing walk along the Prom blew the cobwebs away ~

I’d like to know which idiot at the Council approved a clown statue for New Brighton!

8 thoughts on “73/365

  1. There is a sculpture in downtown Denver that is absolutely repulsive! It appears to look like two nude men skipping hand in hand! I think sometime your personal choices should remain that way! Two of my children are deathly afraid of clowns! That was defintely an odd statue to place in a town! Years ago someone took Bret and Ernie from Seseame Street and turned them into gay lovers! The people in Fort Collins raised heck along with the PBS TV and the people who own the rights to the Muppets. Goodbye to that garbage! I am appalled sometime at the lack of discretion people use particularly those with money to buy off officials when the taxpayer should make those decisons! I best step off my sopa box. I am sorry this statue brought back a few painful memories for me! Have a great day!


  2. I always had a fear of clowns but this doesn't look real bad Ruth, actually it is funny to think of the clowns that made the decision.
    ……..:-) Hugs


  3. I'm not quite sure how clowns relate to Brighton….??? Hhmmm lol Oh well, it could be worse…my MIL lives there and she would have chosen a huge garden gnome 😉


  4. Ok Ruth. You caught me out! I had to look up where New Brighton is, seeing as I live in (the real) Brighton!
    I quite like the statue.


  5. Ann, you're not alone, I had just looked up New Brighton too ;o) – we live just up the road from (the real) Brighton and I didn't think I'd seen the statue before. My daughter hates clowns so would want to avoid this at all costs ;o)


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