~ Winter sunshine & an orchid brightening up an otherwise dull view
through the window above the kitchen sink ~

12 thoughts on “70/365

  1. Good Morning Ruth sweetie..
    What a beautiful post to brighten my morning. What a gorgeous orchid. The color is breath taking. You must have a green thumb to be able to produce such a beautiful bloom. What a treasure. You photographed it beautifully. Thank you for sharing my sweet friend.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry


  2. Stunning – reminds me of my long lost friend Dorothy…..my beautiful orchid (that didn't last very long)

    Do you name your plants or is that just for crazies like me?


  3. Love orchids (as you know) and I also find the kitchen windowsill is the best place to put them. I've got two in bloom at the moment and one just about to start 🙂


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