Something Nice

Isn’t it lovely when the Postie brings you something other than envelopes with windows in? We were in luck today, because there was something nice in the post for each of us. DH received his Pilot magazine (which I sneakily opened for DS, but don’t tell), I received Country Living and DS received a present from his cousin S ~ a Thomas the Tank Engine story, which I think my nephew got by trading in his World Book Day voucher. Wasn’t that just so kind of him? I think he’s turning out all right, my Scottish boy.

8 thoughts on “Something Nice

  1. wonderful mail day. I have something for you – could you let me have your address pls – leave me a comment with it and I won't publish it 😉 thank you x

    PS I PROMISE you you're safe – I'm a little too far away to stalk you 😉


  2. I love a day with some good post! The Thomas book gave me a seems no time at all since we were living and breathing Thomas here. What a lovely cousin 🙂


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