Getting Ready

Tomorrow sees the arrival of Mr. Decorator Man, and I’ll be keeping him busy for about a week. He’ll be decorating the room off the kitchen, which I laughingly refer to as the utility room, as well as DS’s bedroom. DS’s room is still to be cleared, but here can you see what DH and I have been up to during DS’s nap time. When I first moved in with DH, back in 2005, he referred to this room as the dining room. I never fully understood why, because the dining table was in the kitchen, and still is. It wasn’t until I decided to explore that I discovered another dining table hidden under masses of junk. After some persuasion from me, DH cleared the room out and it became my ‘office’ ~ my desk with PC, and storage for my fledgling scrapping stash. Actual scrapping happened at the kitchen table.

But then the loft conversion happened, and I inherited DH’s old office and a second desk for my scrapping. As you can see, this room became a general dumping ground for wellies & boots, dog towels, winter dog walking coats, wet washing, the shredder, the recycling before it went outside to the shed and anything else we didn’t know quite know what to do with.

But no longer will this room be a dumping ground and all round annoyance. In about a week to 10 days, this room will be DS’s Playroom, although he may have to suffer the presence of wet washing every now and again. ‘Before’ photos of DS’s room will follow tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Oh how nice to have a fresh space like this. I love the big windows in that room and all the light! Can't wait to see “after” pictures. Enjoy!!!


  2. I love the windows you have in your house, must make it nice and light. Good luck with the decorating, looking forward to seeing the room finished.


  3. It's going to be a wonderful playroom 🙂 I love all those windows and I'm looking forward to some more pictures. I really enjoy decorating.


  4. Oh Ruth Sweetie…
    I can't wait to see DS new playroom. How fun is this going to be? I see the paintcans in there, so what color are we going to see on the walls? I love the windows that you have there. Such a beautiful lighted area. I can see why you would scapbook in there. Beautiful lighting.

    Have fun and can't wait to see the beautiful results, and I know DS is going to be thrilled.

    Have a great day sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry


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