~ Under the flight path ~
An occupational hazard when you live in West London.

7 thoughts on “65/365

  1. We used to live under the flight path of Manchester airport but I actually enjoyed it. I love airports and we used to go and picnic by the runway (they had a picnic area) quite often to watch the planes. I wish Edmonton airport had a better viewing area. They have an indoor area with vending machines but I like the outdoor areas better where you feel like you are up close!! There is something romantic about airports 🙂


  2. In our house before this one we used to be under the flight path for a number of the Gatwick flights. Fortunately where we are now I don't notice them very often.


  3. I know this scene all too well. We live in the flight path of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – about 8 miles from our house. And, there's an airplane community about 2 miles from our house so we get little planes flying over too.


  4. We're near a flight path – close enough to see planes regularly (which The Children still get excited about) but not so close that the noise is too bothersome. Love the blue sky in your pic! x


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