Peanut Butter Cookies

Yesterday, Deb at Paper Turtle posted a recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies, illustrated by some great photos. They look yum, thinks me, I’ll have a go at making some tomorrow during DS’s nap time. But then I realise that, naturally, all the measurements are American, because Deb is American, and that I don’t actually know what shortening is.

But, fear not, a quick rummage through a kitchen drawer reveals a set of American measuring cups, bought late last year when I imagined myself becoming something of a Domestic Goddess a la Julia Childs (that Meryl Streep has a lot to answer for …). And my supermarket’s website tells me that they have Crisco’s shortening in stock.
So, all in all, I think I made the 1st batch of cookies balls too big, and probably put too many on the tray. The 2nd and 3rd batches were much better; it’s all trial and error when trying out a new recipe, isn’t it?

If anyone could point me in the direction of a website that converts American measurements to UK pounds and ounces in a clear and concise way, that’d be great. Oh, and shortening looks a lot like lard …

7 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Cookies

  1. Hey Ruth! How fun. I just got on to check blog updates and saw that you had just posted this. Your cookies look fabulous! Did your family enjoy them?

    It would be great to know of a website that converts measurements for recipes! I'm always seeing UK recipes that I'd like to try but am stumped by the measurements (are they metric?).

    Cate mentioned in a comment on my post that shortening is called “copha” in Austrailia.

    It makes me happy that you tried my recipe! :o) xo


  2. I think I might need to ask my SIL to send me American measuring cups and spoons – might make life a bit easier. I've heard of Crisco but don't think I've seen it in the supermarket here (but then I guess I haven't been looking for it – will have to ask!)


  3. Shortening is lard sweetie and my Crisco cook book has the measurement conversions on a page at the back of it…..these cookies look so good I think I will make a batch on the weekend.
    …….:-) Hugs


  4. Delia Smith has conversion charts on her website. The Good housekeeping Cookery Book has conversion charts – at least my version of it does (printed 1953 for the Coronation)
    Delia's charts are good and easy to read they do cups to imperial measures and metric which is dead good.
    Shortening = lard


  5. yep shortening is lard – but what I find weird here in Canada is that some grocery stores keep it in the refrigerators and some just have it on the shelves. No idea which is best but I always thought it was kind of like butter and would go a little sloppy and soft if not refrigerated???


  6. Delia! you have to go to Delia's website, she has conversion charts for everything, even ovens cos some of us use gas and some electric and some hve an Aga – sigh – I remember my Aga fondly.
    Peanut butter cookies yum. I have a recipe that works excellently with splenda so Mr M can have the occasional cookie too.


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