~ A still poorly The Boy Child ~

By last night, we were hopeful the worst was over for The Boy Child, given that he hadn’t been sick for most of the day. So … this morning we gave him his breakfast milk as usual … BIG mistake … he was promptly sick all over his bed (again) and then on ours. Who knew a small person was capable of producing so much fluid?
Mid-morning, I decided that I’d take him to the park to (a) feed the ducks and (b) give him some fresh air. He was happy enough, but didn’t want to get out of the buggy and run around like he does usually. He was contented to sit and watch the aircraft go overhead, while mummy did all the hard work of pushing the buggy!
After a light lunch of mini bread sticks and water (for The Boy child, not me!), we settled down to watch Ice Age and I think he fell asleep within 20 minutes. I took this photo at 12.50pm, but by then he’d probably already been in the Land of Nod a good while. And he’s still asleep on his beanbag now, at 2.25pm. Oh, the flexibility of youth!

13 thoughts on “60/365

  1. Poor little man 😦 – sometimes they just need to sleep through it. I hope he feels better soon and that he gets a good sleep again tonight. xx


  2. Oh I know how helpless you must feel Ruth….poor little thing. I hope he felt better when he woke up, I used to follow the BRAT diet when mine felt like this….
    Bananas, Rice, Apple Juice, Toast. I would keep them on this until their tummy's settled…..:-) Hugs


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