Poorly DS

My poor wee mite was struck down with a sickness bug at tea-time yesterday. Suddenly. Out of the blue. From nowhere. At 3-years-old, he is still too young to understand what is happening to him, and it breaks my heart to see him so distressed. Happily, almost 24 hours later, I can report that the bug seems to have ‘bugged off’, although The Boy Child is very subdued and off his food.

11 thoughts on “Poorly DS

  1. Good Morning Ruth…
    So sorry to hear that DS had a little flu bug, and grateful DH has a strong stomach. When one gets sick, it comes so quickly there is not time to think. Poor little guy. I would say broth and jello for him.

    Yes what would we do without our washers and dryers. They keep us moving for sure. Mine allows seems to be washing something at sometime.

    Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry


  2. I am the laundry attendant at my house! LOL!

    Poor DS. I hate when the kids get sick even now as they are high school and college age. But it is so true when they are small they can not really comprehend what the heck is happening! Love to all three of you this morning!


  3. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that your boy isn't feeling well. I hope your cute hearts cheered him up!

    Thanks for giving me a shout-out on your blog, Ruth. Very sweet of you.



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