~ Remember to kill them off! ~

A common mistake by family historians is forgetting to kill their ancestors off. I have just killed off one of my great-great-grandfathers … otherwise he would be approximately 209 years old!

7 thoughts on “53/365

  1. I too am working on my ancestory and enjoying it…..but mine are all dead, at least I hope so or I am a lot older than what I think.
    Have a great day sweetie and the magnets look lovely on my fridge,
    Thank you…….:-) Hugs


  2. So what method did you use to kill him off ;o). Seriously, I find finding the birth dates so much easier than the death dates. We still have to find my husband's grandparents death dates and I can see it'll take hours of scrolling through records as we have no clue where to start. I think that's why I'm letting them live on at the moment ;o)


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