Something To Sleep On …

Have you ever caught sight of yourself in a mirror unexpectedly and thought, “What the hell am I wearing?” No? Aren’t you the lucky one! Yes? It happened to me today and you can see why …

There are a few mitigating factors:
It’s February, in London;
I’m just back from the park with a 3-year-old;
There is no other adult in the house, no one to ask,”is this okay?” (The Brainy One is away)
Oh, okay, they’re excuses, not mitigating factors.
This is what I am wearing today:
Blue jeans (pretty much standard uniform these days). On the top half, a blue t-shirt, which is somehow now too short in the body. So I layered it by wearing and silver & white striped t-shirt underneath. On top of that I added a chocolate cardi (but points awarded for cashmere) and my Marrakech Muffler.
What was I thinking this morning? Obviously, not very much! So, now I’m off to sleep on it and hope to do better tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Something To Sleep On …

  1. hiya Ruth…

    I think what your wearing looks great, comfy and relaxed….and if you can just be yourself and not worry about what the fashion industry is pumping out at all of us…I say, Hat's off to you!
    I wear what I like, I wear what's comfy! And that's just great…

    also…I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who finds Julie and Julia a little on the trashy side…

    i'll follow you, because I do love the way you write…
    be sure to come back and visit me too, follow if you like!



  2. Sorry but I'm with you on the what were you thinking? 🙂 We all have those days though I walked out the other day in all black the first time in my life! That is a rule I have never broken till last week, it must be lack of sleep or winter i'm not sure:) thanks for the post it made me laugh I so love to be the fashion police 🙂
    Luvs and glitter


  3. Oh Ruth Sweetie…
    I will tell you how I feel about fashion. If it is in the closet, and we layer it, it works and I am wearing it. I don't care what other people think anymore. It matches and the layered look is in. You don't look any different than anyone else out there layering, and from what I can tell it is in. I have seen it everywhere. I gotta tell you it matches, and you look fine to me.

    My package arrived today. I was so tickled. I am going to show it next week in my Pink Saturday post, and I hope it will draw some attention to your beautiful work, and you pink post giveaways. You are so generous sweetie. I am thrilled. I bought a few embellishments today, and I am going to another store tomorrow, and I am going to print the ultra sound of dear grandbaby and add it to my first page. I am going to have fun with it. Thank you so much. I love it.

    I hope you will love your gift as well. I did not make it to the post office on time, it was already closed, and the only one that mails internationall is a little further from my house, so it will go out this week.

    I kind of got that Liz loves green so she will be happy too. Thank you Ruth again. Happy Valentine's Day sweetie.

    Country hugs and so much love…Sherry


  4. I rarely look at myself in a mirror. If I did I would have the same reaction every day as you did today! I dress for comfort and not to please anyone else. I wear layer upon layer if I need to, to keep the cold out. What you have on looks fine to me and very appropriate for taking a walk in the park.


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