~ Open air European market in the shopping centre ~

10 thoughts on “41/365

  1. Oh, yum! I was just thinking about olives for some reason lol – now I've seen this lovely pic I really want some for my lunch! Wonder if I have time to nip to the deli?!


  2. I never used to like olives until about 4 years ago and now I love them – especially the green ones! Great photo, now I also want olives but I'll wait till tomorrow when the farmer's market is in town 🙂


  3. Oh My Gosh Ruth…
    You have captured the market. How very beautiful. It makes a person want to go shopping. You and Liz both have such a beautiful eye for photos. I love to see each day what you have captured. The olives, the ginger, even the chilis look delish.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a beautiful day. Country hugs sweetie and so much love…Sherry


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