A Title-Less LO

I’m not certain that title-less is an actual word, but it fits the bill here. I scrapped the photo of DS and his Grandpa from last week, and opted to use a quotation instead of a title. I’ve not done that before, but I like how it looks. It was also the first time I’ve attempted a herringbone design, which, although a wee bit fiddly, worked out okay in the end. I disguised the lack of a red fabric brad with a metal ‘Made With Love’ tag, did you notice? I scraplifted the basic idea from a LO by the talented Elizabeth Kartchner, which was printed in the September 2008 issue of Creating Keepsakes.

The quotation is from Joyce Brothers: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. And the technical stuff ~ the patterned diamonds were cut on my Cricut (George & Basic Shapes cart) at 3″, and the blue cardstock diamonds were cut to 3.5″.

Oh, and see the just seen photo behind the LO? That’s my dad (on the beach at Lossiemouth, one of his very favourite places), and I liked the ‘connection’ of seeing my son with both of his Grandpas.

10 thoughts on “A Title-Less LO

  1. Very cool! I love the photo. But I am very sentimental and I think your dad and DS will have such a nice bond. I love those guy bonding pics too. That herringbone pattern is so pretty and very manly. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Ruth ~

    1 – gorgeous layout.
    2 – love that you have your dad in the background for this shoot!
    3 – fun that you are using your George cartridge with your Cricut. I have several cartridges and the one I turn to the most is George! :o)



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