Raspberry Crumble Cake

Last Sunday, my sister posted a recipe for Apple Crumble Cake on her blog (which you can see here). It’s always a big hit with DH, so I thought I’d have a go myself. Only at lunchtime today, while DS was happily bashing merry hell out of his Play-Doh at the kitchen table with his mini rolling pin, I discovered that the apples in the bowl were really only fit for the birds! No matter, raspberries are a good alternative. And, even if I say so myself, it’s turned out quite nicely, and went very well with a hot cup of tea!

5 thoughts on “Raspberry Crumble Cake

  1. That does look yummy 🙂 I'm currently baking gingerbread (delicious gingery smells are wafting round my house!!) but once we've eaten that up I might give this one a go!


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