A Short Tutorial

My February copy of Creating Keepsakes magazine arrived in the post this morning; always a great distraction from the ironing! On page 19, they have a small feature on how to create a rather cute ‘lovebug’ from 2 punched circles and 1 heart. Here’s how they did it:
Punch 1 small circle, 1 medium circle and 1 heart shape from patterned paper or cardstock~ I used 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ & 1 1/2″.
Cut the heart in half to create 2 wing shapes.
Adhere the shapes together, as shown in photo #3.
Use a white or silver pen to draw eyes and antennae.
Now the challenge is to use a few on a LO! And I’ve just realised that this fits in perfectly with Shimelle’s suggestion for today in her Blogging For Scrapbookers guide ~ result!

13 thoughts on “A Short Tutorial

  1. This is really a cute idea! I am in a Valentine swap and haven't thought of anything super cute…I think your idea is it! Thank you for sharing it. I think I need to re-subcribe to Creating Keepsakes. I got the best ideas from that magazine.


  2. Love this almost wordless tutorial – though the words at the end explaining the sizes were necessary in my case lol – I had visions of enormous bugs being created till I mentally readjusted from 8″ circles to 1 1/2″ circles!!


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