Splish, Splash

Our trip to the swimming didn’t quite go to plan this morning, as the baby pool was closed (because of a flood!?), so everyone had to use the big pool. I don’t think the serious swimmers were too impressed at having to share with a whole bunch of little people.

All in all, given that DS hasn’t been in a pool since Lanzarote in July 2008, we considered the visit a success. DS was fairly nervous and spent most of his time holding onto DH, but he did actually get wet and, at one point, even laughed!

Quote of the day from DS: You said it would be fun …

8 thoughts on “Splish, Splash

  1. Oh Ruth sweetie…
    What a shame for DS for the little pool to be closed. Oh my gosh I have never seen a pool inside like this before. This is just exquisite. What fun you must have had.

    I love the comment of DS: You said it would be fun. Oh my. He is going to be a hand full if he isn't already. I love it sweetie. I just love it. Thank you for sharing.

    Country hugs sweetie and so much love..>Sherry


  2. Aww…. Fortunately my two love swimming, which I encourage! But I'm not allowed to take photos in our pool so I'm not sure yet how to include the swimming lessons in my 365. Towels and costumes hanging out to dry, perhaps?


  3. Love DS's comment (I know how he feels!), being in the big pool was probably a bit daunting, he would have been happier in the baby pool. I have to say, after being spoilt living in SA where we had an outdoor pool in our garden, I don't particularly enjoy swimming over here.


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